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Identity Digital manages the world’s most extensive and relevant portfolio of top-level domains (TLDs) available today—including nearly 300 TLDs in a variety of categories.

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Find Your Domain

Empowering you.

Identity Digital offers individuals and organizations like yourself the most authentic and relevant domain names to express your digital identity. We empower you to make every word count and express what’s unique about your business from the very first impression — before and after the dot.

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Beyond our own nearly 300 TLDs

We also provide best-in-class backend registry services for hundreds of other registry operators and help them bring their domain names to consumers globally.

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We were Donuts and Afilias.

Our Donuts portfolio of TLDs carried the TrueName Domains brand, while our registry services platform carried the Afilias brand name. When our companies came together, we knew it was time to unite under a single brand and single mission.

As one united company, we want our own digital identity to reflect our more expansive offerings and capture our comprehensive approach. Our new Identity Digital brand will unite our products and offerings to our domain name registrants and registry customers alike.

We are the same company at heart. As we transition to our unified brand, you can still find information about us on Donuts, TrueName, and Afilias until our full website launches.

Our Mission:

To inspire people and businesses to own their uncompromised digital identity through choice, reliability and availability.

We are serious about seriously secure domains.

When security is a given, growth is a guarantee. With cutting-edge security that protects you from posers, hackers, phishers, and glitches, our products are more secure, resilient, and protected than many traditional domains can promise.

We’re looking for the next big thing.

Innovation is in our DNA—and it’s why we help make possibilities a reality. Whether it’s uncovering domain buyer trends, developing proprietary technology, or spearheading new products or processes, we’re never satisfied with today. Instead, we solve for what’s to come and imagine what’s possible tomorrow.

We see the potential in you.

Find our TLDs wherever domains are sold.

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