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Enhance your customer experience and generate long-term value with our tools and services.

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Relevant Domains

Easily access the most well-suited domains for individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and governments.

Streamlined Experience

Reduce billing complexity and service disruptions with end-to-end management, DNS resolution, and deferred revenue recognition for the life of each domain.

Reliable security

Improve domain resiliency and security with protection from hacking, phishing, and spoofing.

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Domain Engine™

Supercharge your domain search

With Domain Engine you can offer customers the most relevant domain names available. Domain Engine is a registry-neutral domain search solution that provides context-suited SLD and TLD suggestions based on customer search inputs.

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Power your entire search experience or add it to your existing search setup.


Tailor search results with tools such as geotargeting and priority TLD weighting within Domain Engine’s control panel.


Domain Engine works with just one API command, making it simple and fast to implement.

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Placement Plus

Paid placements that perform

Placement Plus empowers you to dynamically showcase Identity Digital’s portfolio of nearly 300 TLDs in a single search result slot. Placement Plus outperforms static paid placements by delivering relevant and exact match search results to both the left and the right of the dot.

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Drive conversions

Serve recommendations that convert better than static alternatives

47% increase in Identity Digital units sold in first 12 months.*

Increase revenue

Generate a higher average revenue per domain.

$11.61 avg. revenue per domain in 2022**

18% increase in Identity Digital unit revenue in the first 30 days*

Enhance customer LTV

Increase your renewal rate by showing customers relevant domains.

48% increase in Identity Digital unit average LTV in first 12 months.*

Simplify deployment

Use a single API call for turnkey setup within your existing search solution.

*Source: 2021 Identity Digital analysis of performance data for partners implementing Placement Plus and displaying optimized TLD pricing.
**Source: Identity Digital proprietary customer revenue data

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Domains Protected Marks List (DPML)

Bolster your customers’ brand protection

DPML defensively blocks registrations of trademarked brands across the Identity Digital portfolio of domains. At time of purchase, all Identity Digital domain names matching the trademarked brand are reserved, allowing only the trademark holder to register them going forward.

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Protect your customers’ brand trademarks, prevent cybersquatting, and ensure that domain names are available for future use.


One set of credentials provides robust protection for customers.


Block registrations of trademark-infringing domains without paying for thousands of defensive domain name registrations.


Catch new domain releases as they drop

Dropzone is our proprietary domain release system that provides registrar partners access to expiring domains from Identity Digital’s entire portfolio as they return to the market.

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A daily one-hour release window streamlines the domain catching process.


Full visibility into domains queued to release with equal bandwidth access for all partners.


One set of credentials provides access to all expiring domains from Identity Digital’s portfolio.

Registry Lock

Protect your customers from domain hijacking

Registry Lock blocks unwanted domain modifications, transfers, and deletions to ensure your customers’ domains are safe. When you request a Registry Lock from Identity Digital via support ticket, your customer’s domain is locked at the registry level: any future modifications will need to be authenticated via a secure, multi-step process with Identity Digital.

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Domain modifications require additional authentication steps, preventing third-party tampering.


One low price consistent across the entire Identity Digital portfolio.


One set of credentials to activate Registry Lock for any domain in Identity Digital’s portfolio.

Homographic Blocking

Anti-phishing technology, with every domain

All Identity Digital domains come with built-in homographic blocking technology. At purchase, Identity Digital identifies and blocks every potentially malicious permutation of your customer’s domain name, preventing future registration.

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No activation required and protection continues for the lifetime of the domain.


Automatically catches all homographs, preventing thousands of potential lookalikes from being registered.


No added costs for homographic blocking.

Infographic demonstrating Anti-phishing technology and Homographic Blocking

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When you become an accredited Identity Digital registrar, your customers will enjoy a new world of domain name possibilities. We offer the largest portfolio of TLDs in the industry, innovative marketing programs, and dedicated account managers.

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