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DPML FAQs -- Fees

Q. If we register a domain that is already blocked by a DPML, will the requesting registrar get charged the override fees + registration fees?

A. No –The override operation is free. The requesting registrar will only pay registration fees .

Q. Are override fees charged during a sunrise registration?  During Sunrise, registrars are already obliged to submit an SMD file so if someone has already blocked a domain through a DPML, will they be charged an override fee along with the sunrise participation fee?

A. No override fee occurs during sunrise.  If you have a valid SMD and use it during the sunrise phase you only pay the Sunrise Participation Fee (application + registration).

Q. What are the restore fees of a DPML block? Does it include a 1-year renewal?

A. If the block is restored during the regular lifecycle of the Restore-Grace-Period, the fee is $40 plus a one-year renewal, just like a domain name. If the block is not restored inside the RGP, regular prices apply for a “new” block.

Q.  You say we should warn our client if they request a Legacy DPML on a premium name (the block will not be valid). Will Identity Digital provide a list of premium names?

A. Yes, Identity Digital will provide to Registrars a list of all premium names as soon as those lists are complete. As a guideline, generally, the terms on the premium list will be generic terms. For example, we will not put “BMW” on the premium list.

Q. Does DPML plus cover premium names?

A. Yes, DPML plus covers premium names.

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