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Early Access Program Overview and Integration Guide

Registrar Integration Guide Now Available for Download!

Early Access Program Overview

Identity Digital Inc. (“Identity Digital”) plans to implement an Early Access Program (“EAP”) for each of its TLDs in lieu of the typical landrush. Historically, the landrush phase for new TLDs has occurred after sunrise and before general availability, with contention sets (names in which more than one party expresses interest) settled by auction. The Identity Digital EAP will occur at the beginning of and is part of general availability for each TLD and lasts for seven days.

EAP registrations are offered on a first-come, first-served, non-restricted basis. Not all domain name registrars offer EAP. Registrars must contract with Identity Digital to offer the EAP service to their customers.

Early access registrations will be made available for the first seven days of a TLD’s general availability. Each day of the EAP will begin and end at 16:00:00 UTC.

EAP Fees
The cost of domain name registrations during the EAP is equal to the registration fee plus the Early Access Fee. Note that registration fees may be premium price or standard price. If the domain is deleted during the add grace period (described by ICANN
at, the Early Access Fee will not be refunded. EAP Fees will have a specific designator in the transaction logs (i.e. “EAP”). Payment of EAP fees can only be made through approved registrars. Identity Digital is not responsible for any failure on the part of a registrar in this respect, including where such failure results in failure to register a domain name.

See Schedule B via the Documents section of the Registrar web portal for more information on EAP fees.

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