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Second Level Early Access Program (2nd level EAP) Functional Requirements

SLD-level Early Access Period

The SLD-level Early Access Period feature has been developed to facilitate the release of reserved names. For example, thousands of names were held back for controlled interruption. It allows specific SLDs to come off the reserved list and follow an EAP schedule in the same manner that all names for a TLD follow an EAP pricing schedule at launch. SLD level EAP is provided as a means to transition domains off of the reserved list to general availability.

The mechanics of registering domains subject to SLD level EAP will be identical to those for registering domains in a TLD during a typical EAP phase. No changes to the EPP Charge extension behavior will be required.

Note – When an SLD starts its EAP period, its reserved status is revoked. Even after the SLD has completed its SLD level EAP, it will no longer be reserved.

SRS Functionality

The SRS will store and allow management of the following:

  • Groups of SLDs which are subject to EAP
  • For each group, the registry will store:
  • A list of FQSLDN subject to EAP
  • An EAP pricing schedule that will be applicable to all SLDs in the group.

Other key SRS functional considerations include:

Domain Check

  • The check response for available SLDs currently subject to the SLD level EAP WILL return the Early Access phase name plus the fee for the current day (ie, EAP5, $100). In order to register a domain name, this amount will need to be submitted with the domain: create command as an acknowledgment and acceptance of the fee.

The check response can have a combination of the EAP and Price Category fee information. If a name is not standard price, AND it is also subject to the “Per Domain EAP period”, the values for each are listed separately; for each domain as part of the same response using the Charge extension. The Registrar’s final cost is the sum of the two.

Domain Create

  • During the SLD level EAP period, the domain:create command requires the inclusion of the appropriate Early Access fee for the registration to succeed. Missing, invalid or incorrect values for the fee cause the command to be rejected.
  • The Registrar will be required to “acknowledge” the extra charges by including them in their domain:create command when they register the domain. They have to acknowledge each charge separately, all within the same domain:create command using the Charge extension.

Domain Delete

  • This extension does not affect the delete command. Deletion of a domain name eligible for an AGP refund does NOT also refund the Early Access fee. Per the registration policy and RRA, The Early Access fee is never refunded.

SLD Level EAP does not affect the following registry operation:

  • Domain Info
  • Domain Renew
  • Domain Update
  • Domain Transfer
  • SLD level EAP does not affect existing TLD based EAP.
  • SLD level EAP phases WILL NOT overlap with the following TLD lifecycle phases:
  • Sunrise
  • Landrush
  • SLD level EAP phases are allowed to overlap with the following TLD lifecycle phases:
  • General Accessibility (GA)
  • Claims period
  • If a domain name is registered during SLD level EAP, gets deleted during AGP, and becomes available again while the domain is still in its EAP phase, the EAP phase will remain active until the end of the SLD level EAP schedule.

Financial Requirements

  • The EAP fee is a one-time charge at the time of registration. The fee is charged in addition to the regular registration fee, whether the registration is standard or premium price.
  • The Early Access fee is non-refundable. The Registrar does not incur any additional charges from participation in the program throughout the lifetime of the domain name. The fee is a one-time charge at the time of creation.

Registrar Portal

  • The “Check Domain” interface will display the EAP information when checking an SLD that is currently subject to SLD level EAP.
  • The “Create Domain” interface will display the EAP information at the time of registration. Registrars must tick a checkbox acknowledging the Early Access fee if it applies.
  • Registration of SLDs subject to SLD level EAP will be available to users assigned the “MANAGE PRODUCT” role as part of their security group(s). This is the same policy role used for regular domain registrations.
  • Graphic-Check Domain UI:

Registrar Reports

  • The Registrar Financial Invoice report contains aggregates of all Early Access Fees incurred by a registrar during the reporting period. In the rare case of both phases occurring for a TLD in the same month, each aggregate will contain both TLD and SLD level EAP charges.
  • Early Access Fee transactions will be aggregated by the following criteria, just like other transactions in the system: TLD, Early Access Phase Day#. The system will report both “Per Unit” and “Amount” fields in that report. Day # will be reported in the description field of the Financial Invoice report.

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