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TMDB Claims Notice Test Requirements

As previously advised, in order to register names with new TLD registries, ICANN requires each registrar to pass the Trademark Clearinghouse integration testing.  This requirement must be satisfied to participate in the Trademark Claims Notification period, which occurs during the first 90 days of General Availability.

The test documentation is located at the ICANN TMDB page:  Please reference “TMDB Registration and Platform Access Process Document [PDF, 657 KB] (Updated 11 December 2013)”.  Note the requirements and instructions are provided in Section 3.2 “Testing”.

Further instructions for proving that you have access to download the files from TMDB, by providing a screenshot of the actual notice with the parsed information, can be found in another PDF (attached) (rpm-requirements-30sep13-en.pdf).  The db-access test Step 3 links to:  Validate/compare a screenshot of the rendering of the Trademark Notice (in English) to the sample Trademark Notice located here:, (page 298).

The entire process typically takes less than a day to complete.  

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