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6 Domain Trends to Know as a Reseller Today

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What if you could predict exactly what your customers will want tomorrow, next month, or next year? Tapping into emerging trends isn’t just about staying current—it’s about staying ahead and making strategic moves before they become mainstream.

Here’s one important development to be aware of: the domain name market is surging. As of 2022, an estimated 431.8 million domain names have been registered; by 2030, that number is expected to reach 745.5 million.1

If you want to be part of that growth, you need to stay on top of domain trends. This guide will explore six trends and offer strategic insights for platforms looking to increase customer engagement.

The Strategic Importance of Domain Trends for Resellers

Understanding—and acting on—the latest domain trends is crucial for any reseller looking to maximize their market impact.

Here’s why leveraging trends is important:

  • There’s massive market potential Every month, 60 million shoppers look for domain names. When you’re current on trends, you can cater to their needs.
  • Domain trends enable differentiation – By offering a wide array of trending descriptive domains, you can make your service stand out.
  • Conversion becomes a cinch – Staying up-to-date can also help you convert freemium customers to paid users with trending offerings, increasing your revenue overall.

Top-Level Domain Trends to Keep on Your Radar

While some trends are fads you can ignore, some are worth jumping on. The trends listed below belong to the latter category.

1. Cater to Gen Z with Premium Domains

For Gen Z, authenticity matters more than any other value.2 Brands looking to tap into this preference can curate an authentic identity through premium domains that accurately reflect the services they provide.

As a reseller, you can leverage this trend by offering those brands short, memorable domain extensions that resonate with Gen Z consumers. From .boutique to .reviews, authentic domain names that specify their purpose are a hit.

These premium domains can also mean charging a higher price. As a bonus, the same Gen Z customers who value premium domains may be more likely to invest in other high-value digital services.

2. Lean Into Seasonality

Like any other good or service, domain name demand fluctuates throughout the year, shifting along with current events and cultural moments. For example, during election cycles, domains such as .vote become highly relevant.

Other domain names that surge at different times include:

  • .gifts (during the holidays)
  • .football (during the fall)
  • .travel (during the summer months)

By promoting domains like these at the right times, you can capitalize on peak demand. As a result, this could not only mean increasing your immediate revenue but also strengthening long-term customer relationships by demonstrating responsiveness.

3. Secure Industry-Specific Domain Names

The internet is evolving, which means brands will need to think out of the box when it comes to their website’s domain. In particular, industry-specific domains are rising in popularity.

For example, SaaS platforms are opting for domains ending in .software or .digital to signal their technological expertise. Then, there are long-term rental platforms that have options like .villas and .condos, and environmental specialists can use .green to help showcase their sustainability initiatives. These domains allow for a level of specificity that appeals to buyers, giving your customers the power to showcase their expertise from the first impression and enhance their brand identity.

Ultimately, specific domain names let you target market segments more effectively through tailored campaigns. Your advertising dollars will be better spent, and your value as a go-to provider for niche markets will be recognized.

4. Build a Portfolio of Language-Specific Domains

Consumers love to shop locally. With language-specific domain extensions, they can do so with ease. Domain names that indicate a specific place or culture help your customers target local markets and establish regional relevance.

Take travel agencies, for example. Rather than settle for the English-language .travel domain, a Spanish company could use .viajes, while a German agency could choose .reise.

When you offer linguistically relevant domains, you can cater to businesses looking to establish a strong presence within their community. You’ll also open yourself up to a larger global customer base.

5. Leverage AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) has touched every industry, and domain name reselling is no exception.

AI now allows customers to craft unique, brand-relevant URLs at the touch of a button. With AI-powered domain tools, analyzing market trends, user preferences, and branding objectives to suggest optimal domain names has never been easier.

For resellers, AI and machine learning tools are an opportunity to peer into the future and predict which domain names might become popular. This not only helps to match clients to names more effectively but can be customized to power your entire search experience.

6. Consider Voice-Optimized Domains

As smart speakers and AI voice assistants continue their ascent, your customers will be more and more interested in optimizing their websites for voice search-enabled devices. Optimizing the domain plays a key role.

Voice-optimized domain names—clear, phonetically simple options—are rising in popularity. By assisting your customers with creating voice-friendly domains, you can enhance accessibility and usability across voice-enabled devices.

Voice search isn’t yet the default, so now is the time to hop on this growing trend and solidify your image as an innovator.

Top Domains to Keep on Your Radar

Combining trends with popular domains is a surefire way to dominate the domain reselling game. With that in mind, the Identity Digital January and February 2024 trend reports show that the most recent top 10 domain names with the brand are:

  • .info
  • .pro
  • .today
  • .live
  • .life
  • .world
  • .media
  • .digital
  • .agency
  • .ltd

Elevate Your Platform with Identity Digital

If you want to stay relevant, outpace your competitors, and enhance your online presence, embracing domain name trends is vital—especially if you’re the first to catch on. Dive into the six trends explored here today, and you’ll be a trailblazer in the industry.

All you need now is a partner. For that, turn to Identity Digital.

Identity Digital can help you integrate a wide range of innovative domain extensions and tools that complement your platform and meet your customers’ diverse needs.

Get in touch to learn more.


  1. PR Newswire. Global Domain Names Strategic Market Report 2023-2030 - U.S. Market is Estimated at 131.8 Million Domain Names Registered, While China is Forecast to Grow at 12% CAGR.
  2. Ernst and Young. Gen Z finding meaning.

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