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Identity Digital Domain Trend Report: November 2022

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In the month of November 2022, SLDs registered on Identity Digital TLDs were 26% shorter than .com domain registrations.

Top 20 Premium Domains Registered In The Month of November 2022

Ranked in order of retail sale price.

Top 10 TLDs Top 10 .live Premium Domains Sold Most Registered SLD Keywords
.info ↑info
.live ↑file
.life ↑digital
.world ↑online
↑.social(new) ↑media(new)
↓.digital ↑super(new)
.ltd ↑home
↓.agency ↑tech
↑.football(new) ↑best(new)
↓.email life

↑ and ↓ indicates increase or decrease in rank from previous month.
(new) indicates a new entry to the list in comparison to the previous month.

Top TLD By Geographic Region

North America South America EMEA APAC
.info .info .info .info
↑.social(new) .live .live .ltd
↓.live .digital ↑.social(new) ↑.voto(new)
↓.studio ↑.life .email ↓.live
↑.agency ↑.global(new) ↓.group .world
↓.llc ↑.social(new) ↓.digital ↓.life
↓.life ↓.world .world ↓.group
↓.company ↑.tools(new) ↓.agency ↑.cool(new)
↓.network ↑.solutions(new) .life ↑.plus(new)
.media ↓.group ↓.studio .pub

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