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How to Choose the Right SaaS Domain Reseller Program: Top Considerations

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Data suggests that there are 30,000 SaaS businesses worldwide—and that number is only expected to rise.1 With such fierce competition in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, companies that strive for success must consistently ask themselves, “How are we going to differentiate ourselves and rise above the competition?” 

Offering integrated domain reselling services allows SaaS businesses to provide a unique value proposition and attract more customers to their platform. 

Partnering with the right domain reseller program is critical when incorporating domain services into your platform. Read on to learn how to leverage domain name services to drive innovation and remain competitive in a rapidly growing market.

Understanding SaaS Domain Reseller Programs

Domain reseller programs allow online platforms and SaaS providers to sell, register, and manage domain names within their existing interfaces. These programs enable reseller partners to seamlessly incorporate domain search tools into their platforms to complement their core offerings.

Because domain service providers offer the infrastructure for the program, domain resellers can hit the ground running and start providing domain names as part of an end-to-end solution to their digital products.

Benefits of Becoming a Domain Reseller for SaaS Businesses

Reselling domain solutions through your SaaS platform can strengthen your business from multiple angles. Explore the main benefits of incorporating domain resale into your platform:

  • Diversified Revenue Stream – You can generate income from domain name sales and renewals. Plus, this additional income stream can support the development of your core products.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Providing your customers an integrated way to find, secure, and manage domain names without leaving your platform eliminates a common pain point and improves overall user experience.
  • Upselling and Cross-selling – Due to their versatility, domain services are a natural complement to many SaaS offerings.
  • Competitive Edge – You can provide a more comprehensive offering and domain solution than your competitors by providing domain name services. This can help boost business value and attract and retain new customers.  

Top Considerations for Choosing a SaaS Domain Reseller Program

Partnering with a trusted reseller allows you to build domain name offerings into your long-term business strategy confidently. To that end, take a look at key elements to consider as you research potential providers:

Pricing Structures: Finding the Right Fit

Look for affordable pricing structures to leverage domain sales as a revenue stream. For instance, Identity Digital prioritizes the financial success of its partners through competitive prices that work for teams of all sizes. 

By working directly with Identity Digital, you can avoid padded costs from intermediaries.

Domain Availability: Ensuring a Rich Portfolio

A successful domain reselling strategy connects your customers with curated domain names that target their interests and needs. To that end, look for a partner with a robust inventory of available domain names you can share with your target audience. 

Such an inventory may include niche domain extensions that support your unique customer base, such as .academy, .rentals, .salon, or .team, all available in Identity Digital’s TLD portfolio.

Transparent domain providers also offer search tools that streamline registration by allowing customers to check availability upfront. Identity Digital’s Domain Engine search tool gives customers instant information about their desired domain name and relevant alternatives. 

Customer Support: A Cornerstone of Success

Comprehensive domain service providers also offer customer support to facilitate your reselling initiative. Vet any potential providers by researching their customer service options and ensuring they’re highly responsive to all possible issues.

Top-Notch Security: Ensuring Customer Privacy

When you facilitate domain name purchases on your site, you act as the custodian of sensitive customer data, such as contact information and patent details. Collaborating with a reputable provider shows that you prioritize the safety of your customers’ private information. 

Look for programs that proactively protect against fraud to help guard your brand’s reputation.

Making Your Decision: Understanding the Integration Options Available

Integrating domain services into your platform directly impacts your customer experience and, ultimately, influences the success of your reseller partnership. Finding a flexible integration program is critical to providing domain services that complement your primary offerings. 

Two main integration options include an API and an iFrame. 

What Is API Integration?

API integration forges a connection between two software applications—in this case, between your software interface and Identity Digital’s domain name infrastructure. 

Using Identity Digital’s API framework, you can seamlessly integrate Identity Digital’s services directly onto your platform while maintaining complete control over the user experience. 

What are the Benefits of an API Integration?

API integration puts you in control over the appearance and functionality of your domain services, giving you access to these key benefits:

  • Seamless integration – You can design your API to be fully aligned with your interface, allowing customers to browse without leaving the platform or your sales funnel.
  • Preservation of your brand – API allows you to curate precisely how you want your domain name offerings to appear on your platform, helping maintain consistent visual branding.
  • Enhanced customer engagement – Managing end-to-end domain services right on your platform gives your customers access to a valuable add-on while fully immersing them in your brand experience.

Key Considerations for API Integration

Getting started with an API does involve some up-front technical investment. Collaborating with experienced developers can help you navigate the technical complexity of implementing and managing an API.

Throughout the process, prioritize internal security measures to protect your brand’s most sensitive data while maintaining a link to your domain service provider’s digital infrastructure.

What is an iFrame Integration?

An iFrame is a standard piece of code that you can use to embed your domain partner’s services into your platform. With an iFrame, you preserve the provider’s interface as a functional add-on within your platform’s interface. 

What are the Benefits of an iFrame Integration?

iFrame solutions provide you with integrated services without the complex technical setup. You get started by simply pasting a code snippet into your application, and customers can still access domain services through your platform. 

Key Considerations for iFrame Integration

Compared to an API integration, using an iFrame offers less customization for functionality and design. You also can’t capture passive income from domain renewals through an iFrame, which limits its practicality as a long-term income stream. 

Choosing the Right SaaS Domain Reseller Program

As you set up domain reselling on your platform, make sure you have the support of a respected domain services provider. By working with a partner that offers an extensive catalog of domain names, thorough security protocols, and personalized integration options, you can effectively capitalize on the value of domain names in today’s digital economy. 

Contact the team today to learn how Identity Digital’s domain reseller solutions can support your SaaS business through these various offerings.


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