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What Is Domain Reselling?

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What Is Domain Reselling?

Research shows the average cart abandonment rate in 2023 is at a staggering 70%.1 Why? It all comes down to a complicated checkout process, according to 17% of users.2 This highlights the value of offering your customers a seamless experience that doesn’t require them to leave your site for any additional services they may need. 

And yet, many SaaS platforms and service providers who understand the value of domain names to their customers still don’t go the distance by directly offering domain name services. When platforms simply offer the option of linking a domain name, they require the customer to interrupt their purchase flow to complete the registration process on their own. But when customers leave the checkout process to research, source, and link their domain names, they may not return to their cart. 

By integrating domain reselling into your core offerings, you prioritize convenience and accessibility, streamline your interface, enhance your overall customer experience, and improve your platform’s performance in the long run. 

How Does Domain Reselling Work?

Domain resellers facilitate the purchase of domains by using their reselling platform to connect customers with domain names from accredited registrars. There are two main models for domain reselling:

Up-front Purchase

The up-front purchase employs the classic resale business model—the reseller purchases domain names from a registrar, then sells them directly to their audience. 

When a customer purchases one of these domain names, the reseller helps complete the registration process. Domain resellers who use the up-front purchase strategy often provide a curated selection of high-value domains in a particular niche. 

Integrated Domain Reselling

With integrated domain reselling, your platform acts as an intermediary between your customer and a domain services provider. By directing customers to a landing page or embedding the domain provider’s services into your website, you allow customers to purchase a domain name add-on within your platform. 

The domain services provider or registrar can provide technical support to create solutions with different levels of integration with your platform, helping you get started immediately. Depending on your goals, you can use simple, no-code solutions or collaborate with the domain provider to build a custom interface. Potential options include:

  • Directing customers to a landing page
  • Embedding the domain provider’s services into your website
  • Creating a custom API to personalize the domain purchase process on your platform

Integrated resale solutions allow you to offer domain names to your customers without making an up-front investment in purchasing an inventory of domain names. This option also allows you to offer the full range of available domain names instead of trying to anticipate which in-demand names to offer your audience. 

What Are the Benefits of Domain Reselling? 

Domain reselling doesn’t just benefit your customers—it also supports your business goals. With domain reselling, you can:

Differentiate Your Business

Reselling domain names lets you position your business as a forward-thinking, innovative company highly attuned to its customers’ needs. You can stand out from competitors by simplifying the process of finding and managing a domain, creating a meaningful value-add for your existing services. 

And, by incorporating domain services into your solutions, you gain access to a growing audience of 60 million potential domain customers looking for unique domain names for their platforms.3

Manage the Platform-Building Workflow From Start to Finish

User experience is one of the main factors influencing where customers do business. By reselling domain names directly from your platform, you offer your customers a seamless end-to-end experience that simplifies finding a domain name and publishing a website. 

By taking complete control of the platform-building process in this way, you become a one-stop shop that supports your customers’ needs and incentivizes them to continue to use your platform.

Drive More Revenue

Domain resale is a prime opportunity to offer premium add-ons to your customers at no additional cost to you. By providing domain name services, in particular, you can entice people looking for one convenient way to build out their digital identities, ultimately attracting more customers to your platform. 

Plus, you can convert freemium members into paying customers by bundling domain names into your premium offerings. 

Enhance Your Customer Engagement and Retention

Once customers are locked in with a domain name on your platform, your brand becomes a key component in their digital identity. By positioning your company as the provider for their domain name branding, you effortlessly: 

  • Promote return business 
  • Enhance customer loyalty

Instead of going through the tedious process of finding and connecting a third-party provider, customers can enjoy the consistency and convenience of integrated domain services on your platform.

Who Should Consider Becoming a Domain Reseller?

Any platforms or SaaS service providers with a stake in their customers’ digital identities can benefit from becoming domain resellers. Connecting your customers with domain names shows that you’re invested in their business growth and want to become a lasting partner in their success. 

Ultimately, domain reselling supports platforms and services committed to providing an enriching, convenient customer experience that sustains long-term growth.

Discover Domain Reselling With, an Identity Digital Company

Integrating domain reselling directly into your platform allows you to enhance the customer experience by resolving one of their key pain points—setting up a domain name using a third-party service provider. Incorporating domain name services into your existing platform makes it easier for your customers to grow their digital identities and strengthen their branding. Not only does this benefit them, but it also directly benefits you. 

If you’re ready to enhance your platform with domain reselling and start experiencing the benefits yourself, contact the experts at, an Identity Digital company, to get started.


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