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The Most Popular Top-Level Domains by Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

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Gone are the days when businesses were limited to choosing from a handful of generic top-level domains (TLDs), such as .com and .net. Today, over 1,200 keyword-rich TLDs are available, as per ICANN's List of Top-Level Domains.1

By incorporating domain reselling into their existing offerings, platforms can leverage the growth of descriptive domains to offer relevant TLDs specific to their market and target audiences. 

Curious about which TLDs you should invest in based on your industry? Delve into this comprehensive guide to learn more.

What are the Benefits of Offering TLDs on Your Platform?

Custom TLDs can make a brand instantly recognizable. For instance, a brand using .technology as a TLD conveys its industry focus at the first moment of interaction, whereas a personal brand website punctuated with .studio stands out for its memorable simplicity.

Incorporating domain reselling into your platform unlocks these and many more possibilities for your customer base, benefiting both their platform and its customers. 

Consider four additional key advantages to offering TLDs:

1. Efficient Scalability

Bulk selling TLDs allows for efficient scaling of your domain reselling business. By utilizing low or no-code integration of domain resales into your platform, you can save time and resources while reaching a broader customer base.

2. Differentiate your Business

Stand out from competitors by offering a diverse range of customizable TLDs. Doing so will help build a unique brand identity, and domain resale integration further opens up strategic opportunities, enabling cross-selling with services such as website design or hosting.

3. Drive More Revenue

By offering a variety of TLDs, you can enjoy higher profit margins, steady recurring revenue, and upselling opportunities. In fact, offering premium or niche TLDs and bundling complementary services are just the start, bolstering conventional revenue streams.

4. Enhance Customer Engagement

TLD resale services open the door to becoming a one-stop solution for crafting the perfect digital identity. To that end, consider offering personalized support and sharing educational resources on domain management. 

Assisting customers in choosing and managing TLDs that align with their industry can work to positively disrupt the customer engagement landscape.

The Most Popular Top-Level Domains by Industry, an Identity Digital company, provides an extensive selection of over 200 top-level domains (TLDs) tailored to various industries. 

Here are some of the most frequently used TLDs within the B2B sectors:

Career and Professional Platforms

A professional service platform can help businesses find domain names that align with their specialties. Prime examples include:

  • .business
  • .dental
  • .attorney
  • .legal
  • .doctor

By clearly identifying the services offered, these TLDs help give professionals a cohesive and authoritative brand image.

Real Estate, Property, and Rental Platforms

Property platforms can provide brands with custom, property-related domain names. These sector-specific TLDs enhance brand visibility—driving additional revenue through domain transactions. Popular domains include: 

  • .agency
  • .apartments
  • .forsale
  • .house
  • .rentals

As a domain reseller, you can easily enable property platforms to search and register multiple domains. Your platform will stand out as a comprehensive solution for customers crafting multiple websites to hyper-focus on key audiences.

SaaS and Technology Platforms

By stepping into the role of a domain reseller, SaaS and technology platforms can empower other brands with relevant and memorable domain options to enhance their online presence. Notable mentions include:

  • .solutions
  • .technology
  • .software

Simple and powerful TLDs can position brands as forward-thinking innovators—maximizing market penetration and reinforcing a tech-centric image. 

Creator Platforms

By becoming resellers, creator platforms can enable brands to establish unique digital identities with personalized domain names. A strategic choice of TLD can foster stronger community engagement, enhance creative endeavors, and appeal to specific niches. Examples include:

  • .bio
  • .social
  • .community
  • .events

For creators, a customized domain provides an at-a-glance reflection of their craft, amplifying their personal brand’s unique voice and vision.

Travel and Tourism Platforms

Travel and tourism platforms can serve as domain resellers to offer other travel brands customized domain options. This strategy enables travel platforms to stand out, increasing brand authority. Featured domains are: 

  • .vacations
  • .travel
  • .cruises
  • .holiday

These relevant TLDs allow customers to instantly identify specific travel offerings (.cruises versus .fly) or geo-specific destinations. Thus, travel brands can more easily draw in those potential customers.

Become a Reseller of Top-Level Domains with Identity Digital

By becoming a domain reseller and curating a selection of industry-tailored TLDs, you're expanding your platform's offerings and maximizing your potential for success. Domain resale integration positions your platform as the all-in-one solution for customers looking to elevate their digital identities.

If you’re ready to tap into the incredible potential of the domain resale market, take the next step and partner with Identity Digital. 

As one of the industry's most trusted and reliable domain name providers, Identity Digital gives you access to a wealth of popular, top-level domains. In fact, 96% of Fortune 500 companies use Identity Digital domains.

Seize the opportunity to secure your share of the digital landscape. Contact an Identity Digital team member today to get started.


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