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Capitalizing on .VOTE: A Guide for Domain Resellers

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During election season, candidates and political organizations become heavily reliant on their online communities to advocate for political issues and get out the vote. In fact, digital media is expected to claim up to 28% of political ad spending in 2024,1 forcing candidates, campaign groups, and political advocates to optimize their online presence to get the most out of their digital campaigns.

The .vote domain extension is an invaluable tool for enhancing digital identities, promoting political advocacy, establishing credibility, and connecting with constituents. 

By merchandizing and promoting .vote into your domain portfolio during the upcoming election season, you can position your platform as a valuable resource for campaigners and allow them access to a crucial asset for political advocacy.

The power of .VOTE for Political Engagement

By utilizing the .vote domain, political figures and organizations enhance their ability to connect with voters, promote accurate information, and create an online presence that prioritizes political engagement. In fact, candidates and advocacy groups are increasingly recognizing the potential of .vote domains and using them as a cornerstone of their digital campaign strategies. 

The Role of .VOTE in Digital Campaigns

The emergence of .vote domain names has allowed politicians & political organizations to connect directly with the electorate. The .vote domain extension rallies voters with a concise call to action and brands candidates and campaign groups as legitimate sources of political information. politicians & political organizations.

In a world where people judge the value of websites in milliseconds,2 political campaigns can now rely on the .vote extension to boost their visibility and implicitly communicate the value of their site to potential voters. 

.Vote domains have a natural use case for political candidates, but their practicality extends throughout the political sphere as a whole, embodying a tool for broader civic engagement and empowerment. While these domains are important for campaigners, activist groups, civic organizations, election commissions, and entire political parties, they can extend beyond traditional political boundaries. .Vote domains can be key to facilitating:

  • Voter Education and Outreach: Entities like ‘’ demonstrate how .vote domains can be leveraged to educate the public, provide critical voting information, and encourage active participation.
  • Advocacy and Social Movements: .Vote domains provide a platform for various groups to mobilize support, advocate for change, and engage communities in social causes, extending their influence into broader societal issues.
  • Civic Technology Initiatives: Tech-driven solutions to enhance electoral processes, increase transparency, and promote fair elections can be effectively hosted on .vote domains, making them pivotal for innovation in civic technology.
  • Community and Grassroots Campaigns: Local and grassroots movements can utilize .vote domains to organize, gather support, and disseminate information, ensuring voices are heard and causes are front and center.

By leveraging .vote, these individuals and organizations can more effectively promote their missions, educate the public on political propositions, demonstrate support for a particular cause, or showcase their endorsement of a candidate. 

.VOTE and the Election Cycle

Even outside of election season, political websites with .vote domain names can help elected officials engage their supporters and encourage widespread involvement from the electorate. Meanwhile, in months leading up to election periods, campaign teams and advocacy groups strategically claim digital assets to support their causes, leading to an uptick in demand for .vote domains and other extensions with political themes. 

By heavily marketing .vote domains and featuring them prominently in your portfolio before campaigns go into full swing, you can proactively push your inventory and establish your platform as a go-to source for political domains. 

.Vote domain registrations also skyrocket during major election years, particularly during presidential elections. Tracking trends in digital campaigning will allow you to anticipate this increase in demand and prepare your domain portfolio accordingly. 

Even when taking the natural ebb and flow of voter engagement into account, .vote domain names still have a prominent position outside of the typical election cycle. Take, for instance, consistent, long-term voter mobilization, which relies on ongoing voter engagement efforts by civic groups and campaign teams. Emphasizing your .vote domain offers during off-cycle periods allows you to activate interest from these groups and facilitate voter education, all while building sustainable income streams from .vote renewals. 

Domains like,, and can also provide communities with digital platforms where they can keep up with local initiatives, research upcoming propositions, and make informed voting decisions, even outside of typical election seasons. 

These examples showcase how you can make civic participation at all levels of governance a core part of your platform with the .vote domain extension. 

Exploring the Spectrum of Demand for Political Domains

Domain names act as a digital signpost for websites, hinting at the site’s purpose and letting visitors know what type of content they can expect. As a result, site owners in all industries and niches have increasingly leveraged customized, specialized domain names as a means of branding and advertising their sites. In the political sphere, this branding includes customizing both the domain name itself and the domain extension.

For example, candidates and political groups may strive to secure their digital identities by claiming variations of similar domain names across multiple web extensions. To hone in on specific niches while also casting a wide net to supporters, a candidate may secure a classic .com site alongside specialized top-level domains (TLDs) like .vote and .democrat. Similarly, they may complement a core site branded with their name with domain names based on campaign phrases, slogans, or key initiatives for their campaigns.

From Generic TLDs to .VOTE: Understanding the Shift

Traditional generic domains have the benefit of widespread familiarity, but their broad appeal naturally lacks specificity and branding potential. On the other hand, descriptive domain names like .vote and .republican have a direct association with political engagement, helping political groups find their audiences while strengthening their legitimacy and authority on political topics. 

To that end, these specialized TLDs provide political teams, organizations, and candidates with a highly relevant, designated channel for educating voters, promoting their campaigns, and enhancing their digital identities.

Considering Platinum & Premium TLDs in Political Campaigning

In the world of domains, there’s a distinction between platinum and premium domains. Each offers different advantages, particularly when designing a campaign or a political website. 

The registry curates both premium and platinum domains based on the perceived value of their Second-Level Domain (SLD). The SLD, the characters to the left of the dot, is typically short and/or carries a specific meaning, enhancing the domain's appeal. Examples like "" or "" exemplify this, as their clear meanings make them more desirable. With this being said, there are some key differences to note.

Platinum Domains

Platinum domains include the most desired domain names and undergo a unique process that requires a brokered sale. When these domains appear in search results, instead of displaying a price point, they feature "Make an offer." Should a customer express interest, they are connected with an Identity Digital representative to facilitate the deal. Due to their exclusivity and value, platinum domains generally command higher price points. Platinum domains, like, and, can be purchased through one of our domain brokers.

Premium Domains

Premium domains, like platinum ones, are deemed valuable by Identity Digital due to their meaningful SLDs. However, they may not necessarily require a brokered sale process. In search results, premium domains typically showcase fixed price points. While priced higher than standard domains, they usually fall below the premium rates of platinum domains.

Premium election domains like,,, and can be purchased directly online via our .vote search tool

Both platinum and premium domains provide registrants, including political organizations and candidates, with enhanced visibility and credibility, which is crucial in navigating the crowded digital campaigning sphere. These domains serve as potent branding tools, enabling organizations to stand out and engage broader communities effectively.

Resellers like you can also enhance their standing by offering a premium or platinum TLD portfolio that caters to political organizations and provides them with several benefits:

  • Enhanced Candidate Protection – These high-value .vote domains validate a candidate or organization’s website as a legitimate source of information. Customers may even look to .vote domains as a solution to domain hijacking and digital impersonation. By providing .vote domains in your portfolio, you can help safeguard customer reputations and promote their digital integrity. 
  • Market Differentiation – Promoting premium or platinum .vote domains aligns your reseller site with the political community, attracting an engaged political clientele. Because political organizations rely on their domain names to uphold their connection with voters, you can leverage your position of authority within the niche to support domain renewals and boost customer loyalty.
  • Credibility and Authority – The professionalism of .vote domain names makes them an asset for candidates and political groups seeking to build trust with the electorate. Political organizations can use these domain names to remain relevant and relatable to a digital audience while solidifying their position of authority on voting topics.

In summary, the inherent value of premium and platinum TLDs lies in their ability to provide enhanced visibility, credibility, and market differentiation for political organizations. As a reseller, offering these valuable TLDs in your portfolio not only expands your revenue potential but also strengthens your position as a trusted partner in the political domain landscape.

The .VOTE Domain is Pushing Political Groups Forward—Here’s How

Although the .vote domain is still gaining widespread prominence, major political organizations have already recognized the power of a .vote web address. The U.S. Vote Foundation recently claimed the powerful domain name to improve access to election information and empower voters across the nation. The foundation supported 3.3 million voters during the 2020 election and the domain name is an integral part of its strategy to expand that reach going forward.3 

"The descriptive domain name communicates our identity and purpose clearly to voters," explains Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, the CEO and President of the U.S. Vote Foundation. "Coupled with our website, it has significantly enhanced our visibility and accessibility, simplifying the process for people to locate us."

Put simply, by making election information more searchable and accessible through a .vote domain name, U.S. Vote can promote its mission of supporting voter engagement and helping people do their civic duty.

Looking Ahead: The Future of .VOTE Domains and Digital Campaigning

Digital campaigning relies on creating online spaces that promote voter education and allow for transparent communication surrounding political issues. In the coming years, domain resellers can likely expect more people and organizations to seek out .vote domains to support their political missions. 

By making the .vote extension and other similar domains a core element of your domain portfolio, you can strategically benefit from the growing intersection between political outreach and technological development.

Lock in Your .VOTE Opportunity

The most successful domain resellers constantly adapt their offerings to provide relevant domain names and help emerging groups build their digital identities. By recognizing the utility of the .vote domain extension, you can capitalize on the trend of digital campaigning. 

Beginning to promote .vote domains now can also help you prepare for surges of demand down the line as candidates and political groups seek to gain relevance among a voter base that increasingly relies on the internet. 

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing domain portfolio or want to launch your reseller career with .vote domains, reach out to the team at, an Identity Digital company to get started with .vote today.


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